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For a year and a half my skin has decided to trouble me. I have indulged in the world of skincare for oily/combination skin and it has surprised me with how much of a science it is. I am still a rookie when it comes to all this but I will share my journey and what has or hasn’t worked for me.

The newest products I have been trying are these by COSRX, they are a Korean brand which really focus on creating lines for those of us going through a trouble phase with our skin.

If you don’t know anything about Korea, the first thing I will tell you is that when it comes to their skin and their makeup, they do not care less even if it is considered a road shop brand. They carefully make formulas which they know their customers will actually buy and re-buy.

 COSRX has this year really made a name for themselves and have such high quality products that are absolutely affordable.

Once these products are finished, I will create another post with results and more pros or cons that I have found! Please comment if you like further detail or recommend me something!!

  •  Low PH Good Morning Cleanser so far…                   
  • ·         Skin does NOT feel stripped
  • ·         Clean and medicinal/fresh scent
  • ·         Foams up very easily
  • ·         One drop goes a long way
  • BHA Blackhead power so far…
  • ·         Not totally drying (when used correctly)
  • ·         Diminishes size of pores
  • ·         Controls sebum
  • Advances Snail Essence…
  • ·         Textures skin
  • ·         Absorbs very quickly
  • ·         One pump is enough
  • ·         Can be used lightly under eyes
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer so far…
  • ·         Super rich with moisture
  • ·         One pump is enough
  • ·         Leaves face with a natural glow
  • ·         Can be used under make up
  • 23% Vitamin C suspension/HA Spheres 2% so far…
  • ·         Exfoliates
  • ·         A little greasy (Best at night)
  • ·         Can be used if you like a glow base
  • ·         Plumps up skin
  • ·         A little goes a VERY long way



I love to sketch out random photographs that I see and sometimes I’ll even create originals.I’ll try to upload these more often as it would give me a break from university~If you would like a sketch feel free to comment!

Hopefully I can improve my skill with colouring in sketches but often the first drafts are the most fun!

Bad ideas

The start

I can’t explain how long I have wanted to share my thoughts and still I make excuse after excuse. This little notebook is perfect , even if it is a bad idea it has it’s place and I think that’s okay. It’s important that we begin with a bad idea and polish it like a diamond in the rough.